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The Horseshoe Curve Sesquicentennial Anniversary Boxcar on display at the Railroader's Memorial Museum in Altoona, PA.

By David Brossard [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Classic Streamliners - TRAIN​CYCLOPEDIA

List of reporting marks - N

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

NABU - Ecst Container Services and Trading, GMBH
NACR - Nashville and Ashland City Railroad
NACX - GE Rail Services
NADU - North American Domestic Container Corporation
NADX - GE Rail Services
NADZ - North American Domestic Container Corporation
NAFX - GE Rail Services
NAHX - GE Rail Services
NALU - Norwegian American Lines
NALX - Nalco Chemical Company; NASA Railroad
NALZ - Neptune Orient Lines, Ltd.
NAMX - NAMX Leasing Company
NAP - Narragansett Pier Railroad
NAPX - North American Plastics, Inc.
NAR - Northern Alberta Railway; Canadian National Railway
NASX - NASA Railroad
NATU - Nasso SA
NATX - North American Tank Line; North American Car Corp.; General Electric Railcar Services Corp.; General Electric Rail Services Corp.
NATZ - North American Transportation
NAUG - Naugatuck Railroad
NAVE - Navajo Express
NB - Northampton and Bath Railroad; Conrail
NBCX - Nebraska Boiler Company
NBEC - New Brunswick East Coast Railway
NBER - Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad
NBIX - Bombardier Capital Rail, Inc.
NBNR - Nicolet Badger Northern Railroad
NBSR - New Brunswick Southern Railway
NC - CSX Transportation; Seaboard System Railroad; Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad
NCAN - Incan Superior, Ltd.
NCAU - Colonial/Atl, Ltd.
NCAZ - NCA Leasing Company
NCBU - Northbrook Container Leasing
NCDU - Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
NCEU - XTRA Intermodal
NCEX - National Car Systems, Inc.
NCFX - GE Rail Services
NCGU - Genstar Corporation
NCGU - TIP Intermodal Services
NCHU - TIP Intermodal Services
NCHX - GE Capital Railcar Services
NCIR - New Castle Industrial Railroad
NCIU - North American Container System
NCIX - Nova Chemicals, Inc.
NCJU - North American Container System
NCLU - China Ocean Shipping Company
NCLX - Nova Chemicals, Inc.
NCOK - North Central Oklahoma Railway
NCPR - North Carolina Ports Railway Commission
NCQU - TIP Intermodal Services
NCRC - Nebraska Central Railroad
NCRR - North Carolina Railroad
NCRU - TIP Intermodal Services
NCRX - GE Rail Services
NCRY - Northern Central Railway
NCTU - Northbrook Container Leasing
NCTX - GE Rail Services; PLM International, Inc.
NCUU - TIP Intermodal Services
NCUX - Newcourt Capital USA
NCVA - North Carolina and Virginia Railroad
NCWX - Northwest Container Services, Inc.
NCYR - Nash County Railroad
NDCR - NDC Railroad
NDEM - Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México
NDM - Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México
NDMZ - Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México
NDT - Ferrocarril Nacional de Tehuantepec
NDYX - Dresser Leasing Corporation; First Union Rail
NEAX - Nemic Leasing Corporation
NECR - New England Central Railroad
NECX - Mid-Am Equipment, Inc.
NEFX - Northeast Corridor Foundation
NEGS - New England Southern Railroad
NEKM - Mid-Michigan Railroad (Northeast Kansas and Missouri Division)
NELU - New England Express Lines
NELX - Dresser Leasing Corporation
NEMX - Ogden Martin Systems of Montgomery
NENE - Nebraska Northeastern Railway
NEPU - Neptune Orient Lines, Ltd.
NERR - Nashville and Eastern Railroad
NERX - Transportation Management Services, Inc.
NERZ - GE Capital Corporation
NETU - Netumar Lines
NETX - Nemic Leasing Corporation
NEZP - Nezperce Railroad
NFD - Norfolk, Franklin and Danville Railway; Norfolk and Western Railway
NFLZ - Flexi-Van Leasing
NFPX - Newaygo Forest Products, Ltd.
NGIX - Northern Grain, Inc.
NGOU - Scoa, Inc.
NGTX - Vangas, Inc.; Suburban Propane
NH - New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad; CSX Transportation
NHCR - New Hampshire Central Railroad
NHN - New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
NHRR - New Hope and Ivyland Railroad
NHVT - New Hampshire and Vermont Railroad
NHVX - National Railway Historical Society (East Carolina Chapter)
NIAJ - Niagara Junction Railway; Conrail
NIAX - Niagara and Western New York Railroad
NICD - South Shore Line (NICTD)
NICU - NIC Leasing, Inc.
NICX - Niles Canyon Railway
NIFX - GE Rail Services
NIHX - GE Rail Services
NIKX - NIK Non-stock Marketing Cooperative
NIMX - Naporano (railroad division)
NIRX - GE Rail Services
NITX - Nitram, Inc.
NIWX - Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway
NJ - Niagara Junction Railway; Napierville Junction Railway; Canadian Pacific Railway; Delaware and Hudson Railway
NJCX - New Jersey Rail Carrier, LLC.
NJDX - GE Rail Services
NJRC - New Jersey Rail Carrier, LLC.
NJII - New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad; Norfolk and Western Railway
NJT - Newton Junction Terminal
NJTR - New Jersey Transit
NKCR - Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado Railway
NKP - New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate Road); Norfolk and Western Railway; Norfolk Southern
NLAX - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NLCL - Northern Lands Company Railway, Limited;
NLG - North Louisiana and Gulf Railroad; Kansas City Southern Railway
NLIX - NL Industries, Inc.
NLLX - Northern Line Layers
NLPX - Perkins Motor Transport
NLR - Northern Lines Railway
NLSU - Nautilus Leasing Services, Inc.
NLSX - National Starch and Chemical Company
NLSZ - Trans Ocean Chassis Corporation
NLTX - National Starch and Chemical Company
NLX - Allied Chemical Canada
NMCX - National Machinery Company
NMGR - New Mexico Gateway Railroad
NMLX - National Metal Corporation, Ltd.
NMOR - Northern Missouri Railroad
NMRX - New Mexico Department of Transportation - New Mexico Rail Runner Express
NMSX - New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society
NN - Nevada Northern Railway; Northern Nevada Railroad
NNIU - Nautica Line
NNPU - Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
NNSX - Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
NNW - Nebraska Northwestern Railroad
NNYX - National New York Central Railroad Museum
NODM - Mexico North Western
NOFU - Nodfos
NOGC - New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway
NOKL - Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad
NOKR - Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad
NOKZ - First Union Rail
NOLR - New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad
NOLU - Neptune Orient Lines
NOLZ - Neptune Orient Lines
NOPB - New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
NORM - Normetal
NORX - Northern Indiana Public Service Company
NOSU - Neptune Orient Lines
NOT - New Orleans Terminal
NOTM - New Orleans, Texas and Mexico
NOVX - Novell Polymers
NOW - Northern Ohio and Western Railway
NP - Northern Pacific Railway; Burlington Northern Railroad; Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
NPB - Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad
NPCX - Northern Petrochemical Company; Equistar Chemicals
NPIX - Chem-Nuclear Systems, LLC
NPPX - Nebraska Public Power District
NPR - Northern Plains Railroad
NPRX - Yakima Interurban Lines Association
NPSU - Nigel Parks, Ltd.
NPT - Portland Terminal Railroad (Oregon)
NPTU - Neptune Leasing, Inc.
NPTX - Newport Steel Corporation
NRBX - Merchants Despatch Transportation Corporation; Fruit Growers Express
NRC - Merchants Despatch Transportation Corporation; National Refrigerator Car line
NRCU - Nedlloyd Road Cargo
NRCX - Northern Rail Car Corporation
NRDX - Nordic Warehouse, Inc.
NREX - National Railway Equipment Company
NRHX - National Railway Historical Society
NRI - Nebkota Railway
NRIX - National Refrigerants, Inc.
NRLX - NorRail
NRMX - National Railroad Museum
NRNY - Northern Railroad (New York)
NRPX - Northrop Corporation
NRR - Nobles Rock Railroad
NRSU - Nippon Riku-un Sangyo Company
NRTX - Regional Transportation Authority (Tennessee); Music City Star
NS - Norfolk Southern Railway (former); Southern Railway; Norfolk Southern Railway
NSAX - National Steel Corporation
NSC - National Steel Car, Ltd.
NSCT - Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway
NSCX - National Steel Car Corporation
NSFZ - Norfolk Southern Railway
NSHR - North Shore Railroad
NSL - St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
NSLU - Norasia Services, Ltd.
NSLZ - Nestle Transportation Company
NSPX - Northern States Power Company
NSPZ - Norfolk Southern Railway
NSR - Newburgh and South Shore Railroad
NSRC - North Stratford Railroad
NSRX - Jack Frost Cane Sugar
NSS - Newburgh and South Shore Railway
NSSX - National Salvage and Service Corporation
NSTX - North Star Steel Company
NSXZ - Norfolk Southern Railway
NSZ - Norfolk Southern Railway
NTIU - Germanischer Lloyd
NTKX - VAE Nortrak North America, Inc.
NTLX - Nashtex Leasing
NTNU - National Container Network, Inc.
NTR - Natchez Trace Railroad; Mississippi Central Railroad
NTRX - NTL Transportation Corporation
NTRY - Nimishillen and Tuscarawas
NTTX - TTX Company
NTZR - Natchez Railway
NUCX - Nucor Steel Crawfordsville (a division of Nucor Corporation)
NUSU - Neptune Orient Lines
NVCX - Nevada Cement Company
NVPX - Nevada Power Company
NVR - Northern Vermont Railroad
NVRR - Napa Valley Railroad
NW - Norfolk and Western Railway; Norfolk Southern
NWAX - National Wax Company; BP Global Special Products, Inc.
NWCX - Northwest Container Services, Inc.
NWGX - Gorhams', Inc.
NWLX - Nationwide Locomotive Service
NWP - Northwestern Pacific Railroad; Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
NWR - Nashville and Western Railroad
NWRX - Niagara and Western Railway; Bergen Passaic Rail
NWTX - North West Timber, Ltd.
NWTZ - NW Transport
NWX - GE Rail Services
NWZ - Norfolk Southern Railway
NX - Mathieson Dry Ice
NXLZ - National Xpress Logistics, Inc.
NYA - New York and Atlantic Railway
NYC - New York Central Railroad; Penn Central; CSX Transportation
NYCH - New York Cross Harbor Railroad
NYCN - New York Connecting Railroad
NYCX - CSX Transportation
NYD - New York Dock Railway
NYER - New York and Eastern Railway
NYGL - New York and Greenwood Lake Railway
NYLB - New York and Long Branch Railroad; Conrail
NYLE - New York and Lake Erie Railroad
NYLU - Japan Line, Ltd.
NYOG - New York and Ogdensburg Railway
NYSW - New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway
NYSX - New York State Electric and Gas Corporation
NZCU - Shipping Corporation Of New Zealand, Ltd.
NZSU - Shipping Corporation Of New Zealand, Ltd.
NZX - National Zinc Company