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List of Reporting Marks - P

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

PACY - Prairie Central Railway
PAE - Peoria and Eastern Railway; Conrail
PAL - Paducah and Louisville Railway
PAM - Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad
PARX - Pan American Railway Company
PARY - Prairie Trunk Railway
PAS - Pan Am Southern
PAUT - Pennsylvania and Atlantic Railroad; Conrail
PBFX - IBP, Inc.; Tyson Foods
PBL - Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad
PBLX - Pillsbury
PBNE - Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England Railroad
PBR - Patapsco and Back Rivers Railroad
PBRR - Prairie Belt Railroad
PBVR - Port Bienville Railroad
PC - Penn Central; Norfolk Southern
PCA - Penn Central; Norfolk Southern
PCB - Penn Central; Norfolk Southern
PCCX - Peabody Coal Company
PCEX - GE Rail Services
PCFX - Pacific Car and Foundry Company
PCIX - Shippers Car Line; ACF Industries
PCMX - Petro-Chem Marketing Company
PCN - Point Comfort and Northern Railway
PCRC - Panama Canal Railway Company; Kansas City Southern Railway
PCSX - GE Rail Services
PCTX - Pioneer Cement Company of Texas
PCY - Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway
PDQX - Castle Capital Corporation
PE - Pacific Electric Railway; Conrail
PECX - Pekin Energy Company
PENX - Penford Products Company
PEPX - Potomac Electric Power Company
PER - Port Everglades Railway
PF - Pioneer and Fayette Railroad
PFE - Pacific Fruit Express; Union Pacific Railroad
PFM - Power, Fluid & Metals
PGDX - Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company
PGE - Pacific Great Eastern Railway; British Columbia Railway; Canadian National Railway
PGER - Pacific Great Eastern Railway; British Columbia Railway; Canadian National Railway
PGEX - Portland General Electric Company
PGHX - Trinity Rail Management, Inc.
PGMX - Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company
PGR - Progressive Rail
PHCR - Port Colborne Harbour Railway
PHD - Port Huron and Detroit Railroad; Chessie System; CSX Transportation
PHL - Pacific Harbor Line
PI - Paducah and Illinois Railroad
PICK - Pickens Railroad
PJR - Port Jersey Railroad
PLCX - Pullman Leasing Company; GE Capital Railcar Services
PLE - Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad; New York Central Railroad; Penn Central; Conrail; CSX Transportation (after Conrail breakup)
PLEX - PLM, Inc.
PLLU - Polynesia Line
PLLZ - Polynesia Line
PLMX - PLM International
PLWX - GE Capital Railcar Services
PM - Pere Marquette Railway; Chesapeake and Ohio Railway; Chessie System; CSX Transportation
PMLX - Prairie Malt, Ltd.
PN - Piedmont and Northern Railway; Seaboard Coast Line; CSX Transportation
PN - Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad
PNRW - Piedmont and Northern Railway (division of Patriot Rail Corporation)
PNWR - Portland and Western Railroad
POHC - Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad
PPAX - PCS Phosphate Company
PPCX - American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners
PPGX - PPG Industries, Inc.
PPHX - PCS Phosphate Company
PPLX - Pennsylvania Power and Light Company
PPNX - PCS Phosphate Company
PPRX - Phillips Petroleum Company
PPU - Peoria and Pekin Union Railway
PRCX - 20th Century Fox
PRGX - ProGold, LLC
PRL - Penn Eastern Rail Lines, Inc.; East Penn Railway
PRLX - Progress Rail Services Corporation
PRMU - Puerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
PROX - Procor
PRR - Pennsylvania Railroad; Penn Central; Norfolk Southern
PRRX - Norfolk Southern
PRSL - Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines; Norfolk Southern
PRSX - Progress Rail Services Corporation
PS - Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad
PSCX - Public Service Company of Colorado
PSL - Peabody Short Line; Illinois Central Railroad; Canadian National Railways
PSPX - Phillips Petroleum Company
PSR - Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad
PTM - Portland Terminal Company; Maine Central Railroad; Pan Am Railways
PTEX - Canpotex
PTLX - Pullman Transport Leasing; GE Rail Services
PVVR - Portland, Vancouver and Vitebsk Seaway Railroad; Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway; Burlington Northern Railroad
PW - Providence and Worcester Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar No. 19103 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

By Photo by and (c)2015 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) (Self-photographed) [GFDL 1.2 ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar No. 19103 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
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