List of Reporting Marks - S

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

SA - Savannah and Atlanta Railroad; Central of Georgia Railroad
SAL - Seaboard Air Line Railway; Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
SAMX - Cargill, Inc. (Seaboard Allied Milling Department)
SAN - Sandersville Railroad
SANX - San Angelo Tank Car Line
SAPT - Savannah Port Terminal Railroad
SATX - City Public Service Board of San Antonio, Texas
SAUX - Sauvage Gas Company
SAWX - Sawco, Inc.
SAZX - Saz Transportation Corporation
SB - South Buffalo Railway
SBC - Ferrocarril Sonora Baja California
SBD - Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
SBGX - Industry Financial Corporation
SBIX - Standard Brands, Inc.
SBK - South Brooklyn Railway
SBLN - Sterling Belt Line Railway
SBLX - Sunbelt/Chlor/Alkali Partnership
SBM - St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico
SBVR - South Branch Valley Railroad
SC - Sumter and Choctaw Railway
SCAX - Southern California Regional Rail Authority
SCBG - Santa Cruz, Big Trees and Pacific Railway
SCCT - Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
SCCX - Shell Oil Company
SCEX - Southern California Edison
SCFS - Straits Car Ferry Service Corporation
SCGX - Schuler Grain Company; Eades Commodities
SCHX - Stauffer Chemical Company
SCJX - Gulf Oil Products Company; Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
SCL - Seaboard Coast Line Railroad; Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
SCLX - PPG Industries Canada, Ltd. (Stanchem Division)
SCM - Strouds Creek and Muddlety Railroad
SCMX - Shell Oil Company
SCOX - Scoular Bishop Grain Company
SCPX - Shell Oil Company
SCRW - Seaway Commercial Railway
SCST - Seaboard Transportation Company (subsidiary of Seaboard Coast Line Railroad)
SCT - Sioux City Terminal Railway
SCTR - South Central Tennessee Railroad
SCWX - South Carolina Public Service Authority
SCXY - St. Croix Valley Railroad
SCYX - Farmers Cooperative Association of York, Nebraska
SDA - San Diego and Arizona Railway
SDAE - San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway
SDCX - AMAX Chemical Corporation
SDER - San Diego Electric Railway
SDEX - Swindell-Dressler Energy Supply Company
SDIV - San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad (expired)
SDIY - San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad
SDNR - San Diego Northern Railway
SDPX - South Dakota Soybeen Processors
SDRX - Sounder Commuter Rail
SE - Ferrocarriles Unidos del Sureste
SECX - South-East Coal Company
SEIX - Seimax Gas Corporation
SEMX - Seminole Electric Cooperative
SEPA - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
SEPX - Southwestern Electric Power Company
SERA - Sierra Railroad
SERX - ACF Industries (Shippers Car Line Division)
SFIX - System Fuels, Inc.
SFLC - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
SFLR - Shore Fast Line Railroad
SFPP - Spruce Fall Power and Paper
SFQ - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway End Of Train Devices
SFRB - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch)
SFRC - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch)
SFRD - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch)
SFRE - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch)
SFRP - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch)
SFS - Santa Fe Southern Railway
SFSX - San Francisco Transportation Services Company
SFTX - Continental Tank Car Corporation
SGAX - SGA Leasing Company
SGCX - Sungas Corporation of Florida
SGIX - LPG Transportation, Inc.
SGLR - Seminole Gulf Railway
SH - Steelton and Highspire Railroad
SHPX - ACF Leasing (Shippers Car Line Division)
SHRX - Kansas City Railroad Museum
SI - Spokane International Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
SIGX - Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
SIMX - Sierra Bag Company
SIND - Southern Indiana Railway
SIRC - Staten Island Railway
SIRR - Southern Industrial Railroad
SIRX - Southern Illinois Railcar Corporation
SJMX - St. Joe Minerals Corporation
SJRT - St. Johns River Terminal
SJT - St. Joseph Terminal Railroad
SJVR - San Joaquin Valley Railroad
SKCX - ARCO Chemical Company
SKNX - Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKOL - South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
SKPX - Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKTX - Ski Train
SL - Salt Lake City Southern Railroad
SLAW - St. Lawrence Railroad
SLAX - St. Lawrence Starch Company, Ltd.
SLC - San Luis Central Railroad
SLGG - Sidney and Lowe Railroad
SLGW - Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway
SLH - Sugarloaf and Hazelton Railroad
SLOX - Selox, Inc.
SLR - St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
SLRG - San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad
SLRX - St. Louis Refrigerator Car Company
SLSF - St. Louis - San Francisco Railway (Frisco); Burlington Northern Railroad
SLWC - Stillwater Central Railroad
SLTX - Slade Transport, Inc.
SM - St. Mary's Railroad
SMA - San Manuel Arizona Railroad
SMCX - San Miguel Electric Cooperative
SMEX - South Mississippi Electric Power Association
SMMX - St. Mary's Cement Company
SMRR - Sisseton Milbank Railroad
SMNX - Solvay Minerals, Inc.
SMRX - Southeastern Railway Museum
SMV - Santa Maria Valley Railroad
SN - Sacramento Northern Railway
SNBL - Sioux City and New Orleans Barge Line
SNCT - Seattle and North Coast Railroad
SNFX - IND/AG Chemicals, Inc.
SNHX - IND/AG Chemicals, Inc.
SNJX - New Jersey Transit RiverLINE work train
SOEX - Shell Oil Company
SOGX - Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company
SOIX - Sand Seed Service, Inc.
SOLX - Solano Rail Car Company
SOM - Somerset Railroad
SOO - Soo Line Railroad; Canadian Pacific Railway
SOPR - South Pierce Railroad
SOR - Southern Ontario Railway
SOU - Southern Railway; Norfolk Southern Railway
SP - Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
SPAX - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
SPCX - Saskatchewan Power Corporation
SPEG - Spencerville and Elgin Railroad
SPFE - Pacific Fruit Express; Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
SPGX - Suburban Propane
SPMW - Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad (maintenance of Way)
SPQ - Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad End Of Train Devices
SPS - Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway; Burlington Northern Railroad
SPUD - St. Paul Union Depot Company
SQVR - Sequatchie Valley Railroad
SRC - Strasburg Railroad
SRCX - Sid Richardson Carbon Company
SRIX - Southern Region Industrial Realty, Inc.; Southwest Rail Industries, Inc.
SRL - Swift Refrigerator Lines (expired)
SRLX - General American Transportation Corporation
SRN - Sabine River and Northern Railroad
SROX - United States Department of Energy (Savannah River Operations Office)
SRPX - Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District
SRRX - Star Railroad Equipment
SRY - Southern Railway of British Columbia
SS - Sand Springs Railway
SSAM - Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Company (subsidiary of Wisconsin Central)
SSDK - Savannah State Docks Railroad
SSGX - McMaster Grain Company
SSH - South Shore Railroad
SSIX - Itel Corporation
SSW - St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt); Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
ST - Springfield Terminal Railway; Boston and Maine Railroad; Pan Am Railways
STAX - Stauffer Chemical Company; OCI Chemical Corporation
STCX - Sterling China Company
STE - Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad
STER - St. Thomas and Eastern Railway
STEX - Sterling Chemicals, Inc.
STLE - St. Louis & Evansville Railroad Co.
STLX - A. E. Staley Manufacturing
STMA - St. Maries River Railroad
STMX - A. E. Staley Manufacturing
STOX - ACF Industries
STRC - Stuart Chemical Transportation
STRT - Stewartstown Railroad
STRX - St. Regis Paper Company
STSX - A. E. Staley Manufacturing
STTX - Trailer Train Company
STWX - Struthers Wells Corporation
SULX - Sultran
SUN - Sunset Railway
SUNX - Sun Refining and Marketing Company
SUR - State University Railroad
SVGX - Savage services
SVI - Southern Railway of Vancouver Island, E and N Railway
SVIL - Saltville Railroad
SW - Southwestern Railroad
SWCX - Estech, Inc.
SWFX - Southwest Forest Industries, Inc.
SWGX - Southwest Georgia Railroad Excursion Authority/SAM Shortline Excursion Train
SWIX - Stonewall Industries LLC
SWLX - Essel Corporation
SWRX - Richmond Rail Equipment Leasing Company
SWYX - Stauffer Chemical Company of Wyoming

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A Saskatchewan covered grain hopper in Eugene, Oregon.

By Bruce Fingerhood from Springfield, Oregon, US (saskatchewan!) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons