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Texas and Pacific, Hydra-Cushion Box Car No. 90345.

Texas and Pacific, Hydra-Cushion Box Car No. 90345.  Everett L. DeGolyer, SMU Digital Library.

List of Reporting Marks - T

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

TACX - Transport Arts Corporation
TAEA - Tangipahoa and Eastern
TAG - Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway; Southern Railway; Norfolk Southern Railway
TANX - Transitank Car Leasing Corporation
TARX - Sandersville Leasing, Inc.
TASD - Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks
TATX - Tanco Transportation Corporation
TBCX - The Boeing Company
TBOX - TTX Corporation
TBRY - Thermal Belt Railway
TBV - Trinity and Brazos Valley Railway
TCAX - Transportation Corporation of America
TCBR - Tecumseh Branch Connecting Railroad
TCCX - TCCX Corporation
TCDX - Tennessee Chemical Company
TCG - Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad
TCGX - Tri-County Gas, Inc.
TCIX - Trinity Chemical Leasing
TCKR - Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad
TCLX - Trinity Chemical Leasing
TCMX - Transportation Company of America
TCSX - Tank Car Services, Inc.
TCSZ - Triple Crown Service
TCT - Texas City Terminal Railway
TCWR - Twin Cities and Western Railroad
TCX - General American Transportation Corporation
TECX - Texas Crushed Stone Company
TECO - Teamo-Tacoma Railroad; Lincoln Pacific Railway
TEIX - Transportation Equipment, Inc.
TELX - Penwalt Carriers Corporation; ELF Atochem North America, Inc.
TEM - Temiskaming and Northern Ontario
TEMX - Temple-Eastex, Inc.
TENN - Tennessee Railway
TEXC - Texas Central Railroad
TFM - Grupo Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana
TGAX - Texasgulf, Inc.
TGCX - PolyOne Company
TGIX - Texasgulf, Inc.; PCS Phosphate Company
TGOX - US Rail Services, Inc.
TGPX - Tamak Transportation Corporation
TGSX - Texasgulf, Inc.; Tg Soda Ash, Inc.
THB - Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway; Canadian Pacific Railway
THRX - Transportation Company of America
THSX - New York, Susquehanna, & Western Technical and Historical Society
TIBR - Timber Rock Railroad
TILX - Trinity Industries Leasing
TIMX - Trinity Industries Leasing
TIPP - Tippecanoe Railway
TIRL - Tonawanda Island Railroad
TJRX - S. M. Brooks Company
TKCX - Thiele Kaolin Company
TKEN - Tennken Railroad
TLCX - Pullman Leasing Company
TLDX - Pullman Leasing Company; GE Capital Railcar Services
TLTX - Tilcon-Tomasso Construction
TM - Texas Mexican Railway; Kansas City Southern Railway
TMAX - Tennessee River Pulp and Paper Company
TMBL - Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway
TMO - Vitebsk Seaway and Continental Railway; Lincoln Pacific Railway
TMPX - Texas Municipal Power Agency
TMSS - Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline, Inc.
TMT - Trailer Marine Transportation Corporation
TMTC - Tri-County Metropolitan Transit District of Oregon
TN - Texas and Northern Railway
TNCX - North American Car Corp.; General Electric Railcar Services Corp.; General Electric Rail Services Corp. (Lessee: Nestlé, Inc.)
TNHR - Three Notch Railroad
TNM - Missouri Pacific Railroad
TNMR - Texas-New Mexico Railroad; Austin and Northwestern Railroad
TNO - Texas and New Orleans Railroad; Southern Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
TNSR - Nashtown and Southern Railroad; Lorraine, Eastern and Pacific Railroad;
TNVR - Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
TOC - Conrail
TOE - Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern Railroad
TOV - Tooele Valley Railway
TP - Texas and Pacific Railway; Missouri Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
TPBX - General American Transportation Corporation
TPCX - The Purdy Company
TPFX - GE Rail Services
TPIX - Tropicana Products; PepsiCo
TPPX - Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company
TPRX - Texas Power and Light Company
TPT - Conrail
TPTX - Trailer Train Company
TPW - Toledo, Peoria and Western Railroad; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; BNSF Railway
TQEX - First Union Rail
TR - Tomahawk Railway
TRAX - Railtex, Inc.
TRBX - Timken Roller Bearing Company
TRC - Trona Railway
TRCX - Tri-Rail
TRE - Trinity Railway Express
TRGX - Terminal Grain Corporation
TRIX - Midwest Energy Services Company
TRLX - Texas Railcar Leasing Company
TRMW - Tacoma Rail
TRMX - TRM Industries
TRNX - Trinity Railcar Leasing Corporation
TRPX - Tropigas, Inc., of Florida
TRRA - Terminal Railroad Association of St Louis
TRRY - Trillium Railway
TRSX - GE Rail Services
TRTX - W. J. Kirberger, Trustee
TRUX - Midwest Bottle Gas Company
TRYX - Tri-County Cooperative Association
TS - Tidewater Southern Railway
TSBY - Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway
TSE - Texas Southeastern Railway
TSHX - Tshiuetin Rail Transportation
TSPX - Texas Sulphur Products Company
TSRD - Twin State Railroad
TSRR - Tennessee Southern Railroad
TSU - Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway
TT - Toledo Terminal Railroad
TTAX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TTBX - Trailer Train Company
TTCX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TTDX - Trailer Train Company
TTER - Tomiko Tilden & Eastern Railway
TTEX - Trailer Train Company: TTX Corporation
TTFX - Trailer Train Company
TTGX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TTHX - Trailer Train Company
TTIS - Transkentucky Transportation Railroad
TTIX - GE Rail Services
TTJX - Trailer Train Company
TTKX - Trailer Train Company
TTLX - Trailer Train Company
TTMX - Trailer Train Company
TTNX - Trailer Train Company
TTPX - Trailer Train Company
TTR - Tijuana and Tecate Railway; Talleyrand Terminal Railroad
TTRX - Trailer Train Company
TTSX - Trailer Train Company
TTUX - Trailer Train Company
TTVX - Trailer Train Company
TTWX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TTX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TTZX - Trailer Train Company; TTX Corporation
TUGX - Texas Utilities Generating Company
TUST - Texarkana Union Station Trust
TVAX - Tennessee Valley Authority
TVRM - Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
TWGX - Tidewater Grain Company
TWRY - Tradewater Railway
TXIX - Texas Industries
TXNW - Texas North Western Railway
TXTC - Texas Transportation Company
TXTX - Econo-Rail Corporation
TYBR - Tyburn Railroad
TYC - Tylerdale Connecting
TZPR - Tazewell and Peoria Railroad

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