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List of Reporting Marks - U

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

UBTX - Union Camp Corporation
UCCX - Union Carbide Canada, Ltd.
UCEX - Union Electric Company
UCFX - Union Carbide Corporation
UCLX - Vulcan Minerals Company
UCOX - Union Carbide Corporation
UCPX - Essem Corporation
UCR - Utah Coal Route
UELX - United Equipment Leasing Associates; Archer Daniels Midland
UECZ - Union Elevator Co.
UEEZ - Union Equity Elevator Co.
UEFZ - Union Equity
UFIX - Utility Fuels, Inc.
UIWX - Riley Stoker Corporation
UMP - Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad
UMPX - Upper Merion and Plymouth Leasing Company
UNI - Unity Railways
UNCX - Union Carbide Canada, Ltd.
UNPX - Procor
UNSX - Unitrain Services
UO - Union Railroad (Oregon)
UOCX - General American Transportation Corporation
UP - Union Pacific Railroad
UPAX - United Power Association
UPB - Union Pacific Railroad
UPFE - Pacific Fruit Express; Union Pacific Railroad
UPM - Union Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road directed operations)
UPOZ - United Parcel Service
UPP - Union Pacific Railroad (passenger cars)
UPRQ - Union Pacific Railroad End Of Train Devices
UPRX - Union Pacific Fruit Express Company
UPS - Union Pacific Railroad (slugs)[1]
UPSZ - United Parcel Service
UPT - Union Pacific Railroad (fuel tenders)[1]
UPWZ - United Parcel Service
UPX - Union Pearson Express[2]
UPY - Union Pacific Railroad (yard switchers)[1]
URDX - United States Steel
URR - Union Railroad (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
URTX - General American Transportation Corporation
URY - Union Railway of Memphis
USAX - United States Army
USBX - GE Rail Services
USCX - William G. Simon
USEX - Evans Railcar Leasing Company
USFU - United States Air Force
USGX - Union Sugar Company
USIX - US Industrial Chemicals Company
USLF - Burlington Northern Railroad
USLX - Evans Railcar Leasing Company; GE Capital Railcar Services
USNX - United States Navy
USPX - US Plastics Corporation
USRX - U.S. Railways, Inc.
USSX - United States Steel
USWX - USA Waste Services
UTAH - Utah Railway
UTAX - Utah Transit Authority (formerly assigned to United Transportation, Inc.)[3]
UTBX - Union Tank Car Company
UTCX - Union Tank Car Company
UTLX - Union Tank Car Company
UTPX - Union Texas Petroleum Corporation
UTR - Union Transportation
UTTX - Trailer Train Company

A forty-and-eights style boxcar at the Fort Eustis Army Transportation Museum.

A forty-and-eights style boxcar at the Fort Eustis Army Transportation Museum.

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