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A Western Pacific caboose. The blue pulley on the rear truck runs an alternator.  Photo by Roger Puta.

List of Reporting Marks - W

Note: Marks ending in U are for container owners; marks ending in X are not common carriers; marks ending in Z are for trailers without flanged wheels. All other marks are of common-carrier railroads.

WA - Western Railway of Alabama; Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
WAB - Wabash Railroad; Norfolk Southern
WACR - Washington County Railroad
WACX - PCS Phosphate Company
WAG - Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad
WAGX - PCS Phosphate Company
WAL - Western Allegheny Railroad
WAR - Warrenton Railroad
WAS - Waynesburg Southern
WATC - Washington Terminal Company
WATR - Waterville Railroad
WAW - Conrail
WBC - Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad
WBCX - Williams Brothers Concrete
WBMX - Lauhoff Grain Company
WBTS - Waco, Beaumont, Trinity and Sabine Railway
WC - Wisconsin Central Railway; Canadian National Railway
WCCL - Wisconsin Central Railway; Canadian National Railway
WCDX - Far-Mar-Co, Inc.
WCE - West Coast Express
WCHX - Walter Haffner Company
WCRC - Washington Central Railroad
WCRX - United Grain Corporation
WCTR - WCTU Railway
WCTX - West Central Cooperative
WE - Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway (current)
WECX - Westinghouse Electric Corporation
WEIX - Wilbur-Ellis Company
WELX - Welland Chemical, Inc.
WEPX - Wisconsin Electric Power Company
WERZ - Werner Enterprises
WESX - BC Timber, Ltd.
WFAX - Western Fuels Association, Inc.
WFCX - Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
WFE - Western Fruit Express; Burlington Northern Railroad
WFIX - WFIX Partners; First Union Rail
WGBX - W. G. Block Company
WGCR - Wiregrass Central Railroad
WGRR - Williams and Grand Ronde Railroad
WHCX - Western Hay Corporation
WHI - Burlington Northern Railroad
WHN - Conrail
WHSX - GE Rail Services
WICT - Wisconsin and Calumet Railroad
WIF - West India Fruit and Steamship Company
WIGX - Wigeon Car Company
WISX - Wisconsin Power and Light
WITX - Continental Carbon Company
WIWR - Wisconsin Western Railroad
WKRL - Western Kentucky Railway
WLE - Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway (former)
WLFB - Wolfeboro Railroad
WLO - Waterloo Railway
WLPX - West Lake Polymers
WLRL - Washington-Lincoln Railink
WM - Western Maryland Railroad; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; Chessie System; CSX Transportation
WMSC - White Mountain Scenic Railroad
WMSR - Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
WMTZ - Wal-Mart Transportation
WMWN - Weatherford, Mineral Wells and Northwestern Railway
WN - Wisconsin Northern Railroad
WNF - Winfield Railroad
WNFR - Winnifrede Railroad
WNGX - Western Natural Gas Company
WNYP - Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad
WOD - Washington and Old Dominion Railroad
WP - Western Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad
WPGX - Western Paving Construction Company
WPLX - GE Rail Services
WPMW - Western Pacific Railroad (Maintenance of way)
WPRR - Willamette and Pacific Railroad
WPSX - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
WPY - White Pass and Yukon Route
WRA - Western Railway of Alabama; Seaboard System Railroad; CSX Transportation
WRDX - Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company
WREX - Western Refrigerator Express
WRL - Western Refrigerator Line
WRLX - Relco Tank Line
WRNX - Gulf Oil Products Company; Chevron USA, Inc.
WRPX - Public Service Company of Indiana
WRRC - Western Rail Road Company
WRSX - Scholle Corporation
WRTX - Western Rail Leasing Corporation
WRWK - Providence and Worcester Railroad
WRX - Western Refrigerator Line Company
WS - Ware Shoals Railroad
WSCX - Buffalo Brake Beam Company
WSJR - Goderich-Exeter Railway
WSOR - Wisconsin and Southern Railroad
WSOX - Wisconsin and Southern Leasing Company
WSR - Warren and Saline River Railroad
WSS - Winston-Salem Southbound Railway
WSX - National Steel Corporation (Weirton Steel Division)
WSYP - White Sulphur Springs and Yellowstone Park Railway
WT - Weldwood Transportation, Ltd.
WTCO - Western Transportation Company
WTCX - Weyerhaeuser Company
WTOH - Western Ohio Railroad
WTRY - Wilmington Terminal Railroad
WTSE - West Shore Railroad
WTTX - Trailer Train Company
WUTX - Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (scale test cars)
WVCX - Westvaco Corporation
WVN - West Virginia Northern Railroad
WVRR - Whitewater Valley Railroad
WW - Winchester and Western Railroad
WWR - Washington Western
WWLX - LaRoche Industries, Inc.
WWPX - Willimantic Waste Paper, Inc.
WWSX - Standard Car Truck Company
WYCX - Weyerhauser Canada, Ltd.
WYS - Wyandotte Southern Railroad

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