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United States

American Car Company (1891–1931)
J. G. Brill Company (1868–1956, but streetcar production ended in 1941)
Brookville Equipment Corporation (2002–)
Cincinnati Car Company (1902-1938)
Edwards Rail Car Company (1997-2008) – Historic-streetcar replicas
Gilbert Car Company (1840s–1895)
Gomaco Trolley Company (1982–) – Historic-streetcar replicas
W. L. Holman Car Company (1883–1913)
Jewett Car Company (1894-1918)
G. C. Kuhlman Car Company (1892–1932)
Niles Car and Manufacturing Company
Pullman Company/Pullman Standard (1891–1952 for streetcars)
St. Louis Car Company (1887–1973)
John Stephenson Company (1831–1917)
Perley A. Thomas Car Works (1917–1936; bus manufacturer from 1936 on)
United Streetcar, LLC – Low-floor modern streetcars

Bombardier Transportation - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Urban Transportation Development Corporation - Thunder Bay, Ontario 1973–1990s (used old CC&F plant)
Hawker Siddeley Canada - Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1962–2001 (old CC&F plant)
Canadian Car and Foundry - Montreal, Quebec, 1909–1913; 1940s
Ottawa Car Company - Ottawa, Ontario, 1891–1948
Preston Car Company - Preston, Ontario (now Cambridge, Ontario), 1908–1921, bought by Brill
Toronto Railway Company - Toronto, Ontario, 1891–1920, wooden cars for mostly in-house use only, but built some cars for Mexico and Western Canadian operators by subsidiary Convertible Car Company of Toronto
James Crossen-Cobourg Car Works - Cobourg, Ontario, 1890–1915

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