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The GM Train of Tomorrow.

Photo by Robert Yarnell Ritchie, SMU Digital Library


All the Way (AT&SF)

Along the Santa Fe Trail (AT&SF)

And Then There Was One (SOU)

Army Railroad, Camp Claiborne, LA

At This Moment (Westinghouse)

Bad Day at Black Rock (Trailer)

Beef Rings the Bell (UP)

Better Way for the Santa Fe (AT&SF)

Big Boy (UP)

Big Boy and His Brothers (UP)

Big Train, The (NYCS)

Big Trains Rolling (AAR)

​Building of a Transcontinental Railway in Canada, The

California Zephyr (WP-CB&Q-D&RGW)

Call Us Penn Central (PC)

Canadian, The (CP)

Canadian, The (CP, VIA)

Careful, Carman!

Challenge for Tomorrow (AT&SF)

Classic Lionel Trains in Action

Clear Iron (Budd)

Clear Track Ahead! (PRR)

CN/UA TurboTrain, The (CN)

Danger Lights (MILW)

Dangerous Playground

Daylighting the Padres' Trail (SP)

Days of Our Years (UP)

Desert Empire (DRGW)

Diesel the Modern Power (GM)

Durango to Silverton (DRGW)

Dynamic Southeast, The (SAL)

End of the Line (NFB)

Escape From Limbo (PRR)

Expressly For The Rose Bowl (AT&SF)

Fast Freight (M&StL)

Five Steps Straight Up (GTW)

Flight of the Century (NYCS)

Freight Car Pit Stop (UP)

Freight Train, The (EB Films)

Freight Yard, The (NYCS)

Fresh for Health (AT&SF)

From Forest to Fireside (DRGW)

General, The

George Washington’s Railroad (C&O)

Getting Off On the Right Foot (UP)

GG1 An American Classic (NJT)

Go Western Pacific to San Francisco (WP)

Going Places (GE)

Great Railroad at Work, A (NYNH&H)

Great Train Robbery, The

Hiawathas' Are Rolling, The (Milwaukee Road)

Hiawatha Super Domes (Milwaukee Road)

Hog Sense (1953) Union Pacific Railroad

Hoosier Line, The (Monon)

In All the World...  (GN)

January 13, 1952: City of San Francisco Trapped on Donner Pass (SP)

Jasper National Park (CN)

Last Clear Chance (UP)

Last of the Giants (UP)

Let's See Chicago (AT&SF)

Lifeline of a Nation (AAR)

Lively World of Great Northern, The (GN)

Loaded for War (AT&SF)

Look, Listen and Live (UP)

Magic Rails to Yesterday (Universal)

Mainline U.S.A. (AAR)

March of Progress (Key System)

Mariners in Hardhats (SP)

Meet Uncle Pete (UP)

Men and Mail in Transit

Men, Wheels and Power (SP)

Model Railroad

Modern Coal Burning Steam Locomotive, The (N&W)

MoPac Delivers (MP)

New Directions in Modern Railroading (AAR)

New Horizons (SAL)

New York Calling (NYCS)

News Magazine of the Screen: A Model Railroad

Nickel Plate Story, The (NKP)

On the Track (AAR)

Once Upon the Wabash (WAB)

Opening a New Frontier (PRR)

Operation Fast Freight (N&W)

​Operation of a Steam Locomotive, The (AT&SF)

Pacific Northwest Holiday on the Super Dome Olympian Hiawatha (MILW)

Passenger Train, The (AT&SF)

Passenger Train, The (B&O)

Path of a Giant (BN)

Pay Day (AT&SF)

Piggy-Back SOUTHERN Style (1962) (SOU)

Pillars of Smoke in the Sky (N&W)

Portrait of a Railroad (BN)

Power Behind the Nation, The (N&W)

Progress on the Rails (PRR)

Progress Through Safety (SP)

Railroad at Work, A (MILW)

Railroad Man (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen)

Railroad Signal, The (NYCS)

Railroad Story, A (Lionel)

Railroad Story, The (Illinois Association of Railroads)

Railroads: End of the Line (NBC)

Redwood Saga

Railroadin' (Alco-GE)

Rhapsody of the Rails

Riding High (CP)

Right of Way U.S.A. (AAR)

Right to Compete, The (AAR)

Rolling the Freight (C&NW)

Royal Gorge, The (MP-DRGW-WP)

Safe Roads

Sierra's Deep Snow (SP)

Shining Mountain (CP)

Shining Rails (GE)

Snow on the Run (SP)

Something About Freight Trains (PRR/NYC)

Song of the Pioneer (C&NW)

Southern Belle (KCS)

Southern California Holiday (AT&SF)

Southern New England (New Haven)

​Southern Pacific Roll On (SP)

Steam Locomotive, The (AT&SF)

Steam Locomotive, The (NYC)


Super Chief, The (AT&SF)

This is My Railroad (SP)

This is Piggy Back (SP)

Three Giant Steps (NYC)

Thundering Rails (AAR)

Tracks to Tomorrow

Transportation in the U.S.

Train of Tomorrow

Troop Train (U.S. Office of War Information)

TurboTrain (CN)

225,000 Mile Proving Ground (AAR)

U.S. Army Railroad Training

Use Your Head (DRGW)

Via Sevier (SOU)

Vista Dome Adventure (WP-DRGW-CB&Q)

What in Blazes? (PRR)

Wheels of Progress (Rock Island)

Wheels of Steel (PRR)

Wheels-A-Rolling (Chicago Railroad Fair)

When Winter Comes (SP)

Whistle in the Night (AAR)

Why Risk Your Life? (GN)

Within the Oval (NYCS)

Wonderful World of Trains (Lionel)

You and Your Railroads (1948) AAR

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The GM Train of Tomorrow.
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